The Dream Team – Ghanta Reservation

G R final copy

Our team comprises of two members who believe in the abolishment of the concept of ‘reservation’ and would like to put it across to the public. ┬áThe conceptual mind of our team is a very reputed film actor & producer from the Oriya film industry – Sunil Kumar. The creative mind of our team is film Director Partha Sarathi Manna. Both of us want to encourage talent and make good content in the long run.

I am raising funds mainly, in order to complete my film, which is my dream project. I also think that crowdfunding will involve more and more people and encourage all those involved to talk about this issue. This will add to the primary goal of the project i.e. to start spreading awareness about this social problem.

As a filmmaker, I want to highlight this common issue before the public and want them to decide whether this ‘Act of Reservation’ is good or bad. I want everyone to reflect on how important or relevant reservation is in today’s time. You should fund my project because I have been involved in films practically all my life and am on my way to start my own production house as well. I have been devoted to this cause and will do my best to finish the remaining half and bring this to life