Ghanta Reservation – Docu-Drama


Ghanta Reservation is a docu-drama based on the much spoken about but unresolved issue of reservation in India. Synopsis: The practice of reservation in our country shatters a million dreams every day. Due to this many undeserving candidates have an edge over deserving candidates. It is universally known that India is a secular country, and that should translate into all citizens getting equal rights. But when we talk about reservation and its far reaching issues we are bound to rethink about our secular status.

How is my film’s topic relevant in today’s times?

In today’s competitive landscape the ‘Act of Reservation’ and its outdated provisions have an adverse effect on the lives of people as some sections achieve things that they do not even qualify for. On the other hand, many deserving candidates are left in a lurch. There has been so much hue and cry in the media, about this topic and the news talks about it every day, in one way or another. Yet, no one has yet brought out the most important view point – the public’s opinion, in the way we have attempted to. This film is relevant in today’s times as it talks about something that affects everyone and has not been spoken about realistically by anyone.

What makes this film different form all the others made on the same topic?

My film will definitely stand out in comparison to other films having the same theme because my film portrays real people talking about a very real issue. Every person’s perspective has been shown with the most honest approach.

Why did I make this movie? What was my inspiration?

The inspiration of this film stems for a very personal space. A very dear friend of mine was a a victim of ‘The Act of Reservation’ and during that phase nobody stood by him or was vocal about it. I, as a close friend would like to shoot this film and bring this topic forward and out before the public. I want to try and ensure that eventually we all come to a solution and nobody suffers like my friend did.